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About The Golden Tree

The Golden Tree provides a wide range of professional personal massage services aimed at your total relaxation and health improvement. Whether you need a healing Vienna massage therapy, a wellness massage, or a classic sports one, we are at your complete disposal. Our highly-trained massage therapists offer 25, 50, and 80-minute sessions of the unsurpassed massage therapy. Also, we provide 50-minute mobile massage services at the location you prefer. 

Please read the detailed information below on each type of Golden Tree Massage that we specialize in. It will definitely help you choose and book the massage services your body and soul needs.

Of course, our top-trained managers are available 24/7 by phone at +43 14 17 -0001 free of charge for an advisory conversation or a massage booking.

The swedish assage

A Swedish massage is performed to energize the body and improve overall health. This massage typically includes movements like: percussion, vibration, tapping, kneading and rolling. Your massage therapist will start by massaging your back and neck, gradually moving to your legs, arms, hands and in some cases the feet. Naturally, a massage oil or lotion is used to help protect the skin against friction. 

Swedish massages are the most practiced and well-known type of soft therapeutic massages. Targeting superficial muscles rather than the connective tissue like in deep tissue massages.

Therefore, the Swedish massages are much gentler than deep tissue massages and suited for guests interested in relaxation and/or muscle tension relief. 

The Golden Tree's therapists recommend a 50 minute session for the full body, although an 80 minute session allows more time spent on hands, feet or a target area. A Swedish massage once a week or every two weeks is what you should aim for when pursuing a perfectly stress free lifestyle. The Swedish massage often includes a relaxing head massage also known as scalp massage or champissage. The benefits are much more than relaxation but in addition to increase in the level of oxygen in the blood and improvement in circulation and flexibility. 

Physical benefits:

  • improving range of motion

  • stimulating blood circulation

  • relieving symptoms of chronic pain disorders (CTS, TMJ, athlete injuries, etc) 

  • calming the nervous system 


Mental benefits:

  • improvement in duration and quality of sleep 

  • relief of stress, anxiety and irritation 

  • increased ability in concentration 

  • overall better sense of well-being 


Subcategory -1: LOWEST MASSAGE - Supercategory +1: Wellness Massage

Author: Ms.  Lujayn Alsadiq Ali Kamoukah
by The Golden Tree - TEAM VIENNA

Swedish Massage

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