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About The Golden Tree

The Golden Tree is an international company that aims to provide exceptional massage and relaxation services to clients worldwide. Our history goes back to 1889, and we have been improving our offers since then. The Golden Tree qualified professionals specialize in giving various massage therapies that help our clients to promote well-being.

At The Golden Tree, we pride ourselves in taking a personalized approach to each client. Unwind in extraordinary luxury conditions today!

Our History

The Golden Tree InterNational has experienced various periods of ups and downs during its existence. Having come through different difficulties, we are continually developing to provide massage services throughout the world.


The Golden Tree - Origins

Our history started a long time ago. Back in 1889, in Los Angeles, our great-grandparents started providing massage services to people. Then, they didn’t have any premises, and they had to offer their services outdoors, in the shadow of nice trees. At the end of the summer, the trees started turning golden, and customers loved coming for the best massage under the golden trees. That is exactly how our name, The Golden Tree, appeared.


At those times, the founder of The Golden Tree specialized in helping people with a massage. A few years later, he started giving relaxing massage to release the tension.

The Golden Tree in Europe

(...) Many years later, the founders of The Golden Tree came from the USA to visit Europe. It happened so that after a few weeks of their stay in Slovakia, the borders were closed. For better or for worse, the owners of The Golden Tree company were not able to leave the country. These events caused a break in our massage services.


However, our family cherished the occupation, and in 1997, our company was reopened. It got the name Massagen Varga, and it functioned for 4 years before a temporary closing.


The Golden Tree - Spectacular Growth

In 2013, we made a new beginning and opened our massage company named Massagen Varga. Since then, we have been actively expanding our network and opening new centers.

2014 - MyMassage, specializing in mobile massages, was opened.

2017 - The Golden Tree United was formed.

March 2019 - The Golden Tree opened its first location in Vienna, at the Hotel Intercontinental.

July 2019 - we created another center in Vienna, at the Marriott Hotel.

September 2019 - The Golden Tree InterNational set up their headquarters in Miami Beach.


The Golden Tree - Services to Please Anyone

The Golden Tree aims to ensure clients’ satisfaction, no matter what their needs and locations are. In fact, we have different brands offering numerous kinds of services to excite anybody. The head of our companies is TGT Groups
(i.e., The Golden Tree Groups).

The variety of our services includes: city massage; business massage; luxury massage.

Whether you wish to have a healing massage therapy or a relaxing session, The Golden Tree is here to fulfill your needs.


“The Golden Tree is a family-owned company, and we take care of our clients as we do of our family members.

Our expert masseurs will bring you tremendous satisfaction and great relaxation. 

Expanding the variety of services to meet different needs, we wish to fulfill all your requirements and expectations”.

We're the Golden Tree.

The Golden Tree

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