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Wellness und SPA für den gehobenen Hotelsektor Wien - The Golden Tree

Spa- and wellness

solutions for the

upscale hotel sector

Set new standards in the upscale hotel sector with our exclusive spa and wellness solutions.

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Our Services

Comprehensive Spa Management and Operation

Professional All-round Care for Your Spa Facility

The Golden Tree offers you comprehensive spa management and smooth operation of your facilities. We take care of all aspects of daily business, from personnel management to quality assurance and maintenance. Trust in our expertise and enjoy the first-class service for your guests. White Label Spa Solutions

White Label Spa-Solutions

Tailored Solutions for Your Brand

Our White Label Spa solutions enable you to foreground your own brand while benefiting from our experience and expertise in the upscale wellness area. We assist you in developing individual concepts that are perfectly tailored to your customers and your hotel. Support in Legal and Regulatory Issues

Assistance with legal and regulatory issues

Expert Consultation for Lawful Operation

In the complex regulatory environment of the wellness industry, The Golden Tree stands by as a competent partner. We assist you with legal and regulatory issues and ensure compliance with legal requirements. Our team of experts helps you meet all legal and regulatory requirements. Individual Spa and Wellness Programs

Individual spa and wellness programs

Exclusive Offers for Discerning Guests

The Golden Tree develops tailor-made spa and wellness programs that meet the high demands of your guests. We create unique and unforgettable experiences tailored to the individual needs and wishes of your customers. Let yourself be convinced by our innovative and high-quality wellness offers. Optimized Staff Resources: Ad hoc & Precise

Optimized Human Resources: Ad hoc & Precise

With The Golden Tree's Just-in-Time staff provision, we provide agile and highly qualified experts exactly when you need them. Our tailor-made, flexible model creates dynamic scalability, ideal for businesses with volatile demands. Our outstanding range of mobile spa services, including ad hoc massage units, is ready for immediate deployment. Trust us, we optimize your wellness and personnel management efficiently and effectively.

Our Commitment

Excellence in Partnership for Luxury Hotels

Success through Industry-specific Expertise and Professional Outsourcing

The Golden Tree represents exclusivity, professionalism, and outstanding expertise in the upscale hotel sector. We offer tailor-made solutions that are customized to the needs of our partners, and we support the success of your business. Our team of experts holds all necessary certifications, licenses, and experience to provide you with first-class services and support.

By collaborating with us, you benefit from our specialization in the spa and wellness area, and you can focus on your core business. Our efficiency and expertise allow us to manage your wellness area better than hotels that need to concentrate on numerous aspects like rooms, gastronomy, and more.

Trust and Profitability through Outsourcing

Maximize Your Profit through Cost Savings and a Trustful Partnership

By choosing The Golden Tree as a partner for your spa, wellness, massage, and fitness area, you not only gain a trustful partner but also benefit from financial advantages through cost savings. Outsourcing your wellness and spa services to us not only increases the satisfaction of your guests but also the profitability of your hotel.

Together, we will develop a forward-thinking business model that is based on mutual trust and excellence. Let us build a successful partnership that offers your guests unparalleled spa and wellness experiences while simultaneously maximizing your success.

Spa & Wellness Excellence

Experience high-quality Spa & Wellness collaborations through The Golden Tree B2B

The Golden Tree B2B presents itself as an avant-garde partner for excellent spa and wellness solutions in the prestigious hotel sector. With a continuous evolution spanning over 130 years, we have established an extensive repertoire of top-class relaxation and wellness services for discerning clientele.

Our award-winning Deep Tissue Massage illustrates our dedication to excellence and innovation. Numerous prestige awards such as the LTG Awards, THA Awards, and International SPA Awards attest to our unparalleled expertise and the high quality of our massage techniques.

As a competent B2B partner, we offer tailored solutions that are adequately adapted to your brand and the needs of your guests. Our white label spa options and comprehensive spa management services enable you to take advantage of the synergies of outsourcing while distinctly positioning your own brand.

The Golden Tree B2B rigidly adheres to the guidelines and requirements of leading hotel conglomerates and franchisors, operating in harmonious cooperation with corporations, stakeholders, local businesses, and guests. We meet all required standards and legal requirements and have extensive licenses and trade permits in the areas of massage, wellness, SPA, bathing operations, and cosmetics.

Discover the fascinating world of The Golden Tree B2B and let our exclusivity, profound expertise, and exceptional service convince you. We are your predestined partner for unforgettable wellness and relaxation experiences and professional collaborations in the upscale hotel sector.

Excellence and tailored solutions: Welcome to The Golden Tree B2B

Welcome to The Golden Tree B2B, your competent and reliable partner for first-class spa and wellness solutions in the luxury hotel sector. We combine over a century of experience, passion, and expertise to provide our discerning partners and their guests with unparalleled relaxation and wellness experiences.

Our B2B offering includes tailored solutions that are adapted to the needs of your brand and your guests, including white label spa options and comprehensive spa management services. Learn more about the versatile possibilities of a collaboration with The Golden Tree B2B and discover how we can create outstanding wellness and relaxation experiences for your guests while simultaneously strengthening your brand.

Eloquent Massage Therapists – An Extension of Your High-Class Spa Offer

Elegant Integration and Exceptional Service Quality, Synchronized with Your Operational Requirements

The Golden Tree B2B offers an exclusive solution for the dynamic and highly specialized demands of the luxurious spa and wellness sector. We provide you with our excellently trained, savvy massage therapists who perform in your hotel's own spa under your renowned brand name. They have profound expertise in various massage techniques and wellness treatments and are perfectly tuned to seamlessly integrate into your existing operational structures.

Our offer is characterized by its flexibility and scalability, ensuring that we can respond precisely to your specific needs and the changing operational cycle.


Whether you want to bridge temporary staffing shortages or expand your service capacities in peak times, we act as your reliable partner. At the end of the defined period, we provide you with a detailed invoice for the top-class services we have provided.

With The Golden Tree B2B, you ensure that your opulent wellness offer always meets the high demands and expectations of your discerning clientele, while simultaneously optimizing operational efficiency and profitability.

Portfolio Diversification through our Luxury Infrastructure Access

A curated spa and fitness experience, detached from your own infrastructure

Optimize your guest service spectrum, even in the absence of an integrated wellness and fitness infrastructure. The Golden Tree B2B enriches your offer by providing privileged access to our elite facilities, strategically positioned in the most prominent Viennese locations. Guests participate in an exquisite palette of amenities, from state-of-the-art fitness suites to sophisticated wellness zones and stylish pool landscapes.

Our approach ensures transparency and efficiency by taking over comprehensive invoicing and administration of the usage. The guest experiences a seamless arrangement, while the incurred costs are directly attributed to your hotel.

By integrating The Golden Tree B2B into your performance portfolio, you diversify your offering, meet the high expectations of your guests, and benefit from our first-class infrastructure. This promotes your operational efficiency and profitability while providing an enhanced experience to your guests.

Current Legislation and Compliance: Important Updates for Austrian Hotel Spas

Building and Interior Design Regulations for Hotel Spas: Legal Advice and Guidance for Hoteliers

The design of hotel spas is guided by comprehensive legal requirements, which include safety-related building regulations as well as guidelines for employee health. During planning, it is essential to consider relevant aspects such as the daylight ordinance. For instance, spas in basement areas must implement alternative daylight solutions or additional breaks provided by the employer. The careful balancing of these legal regulations ensures a high-quality and compliant spa experience.

Safety and Health Protection in Hotel Spas: The Latest Legal Requirements in Austria

The current safety and health protection regulations applicable in the Austrian spa sectors are subject to rigorous regulatory oversight. This scrutiny serves to safeguard against exposure to risk factors and potential health hazards that may occur in spa environments. Compliance with preventive measures and the new legal requirements is essential for the sustainable operation and profitability of hotel spas.

Environmental Regulations for Spas in Austria: What Hoteliers Need to Pay Attention To Now

The ecological sustainability and environmentally friendly practice in spas require a precise knowledge of Austrian environmental regulations. Compliance with these regulations, including water consumption, waste management, and energy efficiency, is of paramount importance to ensure conformity with legal provisions on one hand, and to ensure ecologically responsible operation on the other hand.

New Regulations for Saunas and Steam Baths in Austria: What Does This Mean for Your Hotel Spa?

The latest regulations regarding saunas and steam baths in Austria affect both building and operating regulations as well as safety and hygiene standards. The consistent observance of these regulations is not only legally mandatory but also contributes to maintaining quality and promoting a healthy and safe spa experience for guests.

Data Protection in the Spa: Compliance with the GDPR in Hotel Spas

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) implies a strictly regulated treatment of customer information in spa facilities. The correct handling and storage of personal data, including health information, appointment scheduling, and payment data, is essential. This ensures not only legal conformity but also the trust and satisfaction of guests.

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