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Deep-Tissue Massage

The Golden Tree provides a wide range of professional personal massage services aimed at your total relaxation and health improvement. Whether you need a healing Vienna massage therapy, a wellness massage, or a classic sports one, we are at your complete disposal. Our highly-trained massage therapists offer 25, 50, and 80-minute sessions of the unsurpassed massage therapy. Also, we provide 50-minute mobile massage services at the location you prefer. 

Please read the detailed information below on each type of Golden Tree Massage that we specialize in. It will definitely help you choose and book the massage services your body and soul needs.

Of course, our top-trained managers are available 24/7 by phone at +43 14 17 -0001 free of charge for an advisory conversation or a massage booking.


The deep tissue massage is one of the natural healing massages that we (The Golden Tree, Wellness & Fitness & Spa and Massage Company) offer. This massage reaches the deeper layers of muscles, reduces chronic pain and helps healing injuries. According to the international LTG Award Commission, the IHA Commission and our customers, our deep tissue massage was recognized as the best in the world in 2019/20. Our massage therapists at the Vienna Marriott Hotel have also been recognized as the world's best massage therapists. Try the world's best of the best.

This secret golden tree technique involves applying firm pressure and slow strokes. This massage aims to reach the deep muscle layers to remove the hardening of the muscles. Due to muscle knots, the deep tissue massage improves blood circulation and reduces inflammation. In the beginning, a masseur prepares the muscles by warming them up.

Special techniques such as stripping and rubbing are then applied. It is important that strong pressure is applied to the muscles, which releases 95 % of all tension. A deep tissue massage is usually used for chronic pain, but also in everyday's life a very good choice. It is particularly beneficial that after just a few treatments, conditions such as lower back pain, stiff neck and upper back, sore shoulders, etc. have almost been completely resolved.

In addition our deep tissue massage helps with injury rehabilitation, solving posture problems, and improving muscle mobility. Deep tissue massage is usually more intense than other types of therapies. However, you will not be in pain with this massage, which is performed exclusively by Golden Tree certified professionals.


Subcategory -1: Wellness massage - Supercategory +1: Grand-Tissue Massage

Deep-Tissue Massage

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