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The Classic Swedish Massage

At The Golden Tree SPA, you can enjoy a diverse selection of professional and personalized massages that are tailored to improve your health and promote total relaxation. One of the exclusive massages offered by our skilled masseurs and masseuses is the Swedish massage.

The Swedish massage is a classic massage technique that originated in Sweden in the 19th century and has been widely used worldwide ever since. Through targeted strokes and techniques, deep relaxation is achieved, which not only relieves muscle tension and pain but also stimulates blood circulation and enhances overall well-being.

In contrast to deep tissue massage, which focuses on deeper muscle groups, Swedish massage targets the superficial muscle regions. Different grip techniques such as stroking, kneading, and rubbing are used to specifically loosen muscles and relieve tension.

In addition to physical relaxation, the Swedish massage also leads to improved mental well-being. The massage reduces stress hormones such as cortisol in the body while simultaneously releasing endorphins, also known as happy hormones. This results in increased well-being and an improved mood.


At The Golden Tree SPA, the Swedish massage is exclusively performed by our professionally trained masseurs and masseuses. Through individually tailored treatment techniques, your relaxation and health will be promoted to the best possible degree. Please feel free to contact us for more information on Swedish massage or to book a treatment. We are always available to assist you.

The Classic Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage, also known as the classic massage, is one of the most well-known and frequently practiced massage techniques worldwide. Developed by Swedish physiologist Per Henrik Ling in the 19th century, this massage has become an essential component of Western massage.

The Swedish massage is a gentle, yet effective massage that aims to relax the muscles, improve blood circulation, and reduce stress. The massage involves a variety of techniques, including stroking, kneading, rubbing, and tapping to alleviate muscle tension and pain.

Typically, the massage begins with a light stretching of the muscles, followed by long stroking movements that aim to increase blood circulation and flow. Targeted kneading and rubbing movements are then applied to release muscle tension and reduce pain.

The Swedish massage is an excellent way to reduce stress and relax both the body and mind. It is particularly effective in relieving pain caused by muscle tension or injury. Furthermore, the Swedish massage can also aid in improving muscle mobility and posture.

At The Golden Tree Day Spa in Vienna, certified professionals with extensive experience and expertise perform the Swedish massage. The company is renowned for its high-quality massages and is a reliable partner for mobile massages delivered directly to your home, office, or hotel room.

If you are looking for an effective and relaxing massage, consider trying the Swedish massage at The Golden Tree. The company also offers a wide range of other massages tailored to your individual needs. Contact the company today to book a massage and enjoy the ultimate relaxation experience.

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Swedish Massage

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